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As already stated, the testator the legal profession (click the up coming webpage) expressly authorised the appellants to carry on the business as a going concern code [click the up coming webpage] for one year after his legitimateness (Full Post) death and gave them power to enter into fresh contracts and to discharge liabilities past and future. There is no rule of practice that there must, in every case, be corroboration before a conviction can be allowed to stand. The aforesaid writ petition was thus disposed of giving liberty the police (click the up coming webpage) to the petitioner to approach the Department of Mines with the relevant records for assessment and explaining the position for whether the claim for refund or adjustment is sustainable or not.

” That, in my opinion, is exactly the law in India so far as accomplices are concerned and it is certainly not any higher in the case of sexual offences. 65 125 978 capacity by the appellants when the former died on 9th April, 1942, and his estate vested in them. This rule of practice has become virtually equivalent to a rule of law, and since the Court of Criminal Appeal came into operation this Court has held that, in the absence of such a warning by the judge, the conviction must be quashed.

I am of opinion that the learned High Court Judges were wrong in thinking that they could not, as a matter of law, convict without corrobora- tion. 25 (4) mean nothing more than the capacity of a person who carries on the business as the predecessor was carrying it on, that is, with liability to be taxed on its profits and gains. He denied the suggestion that FIR was written on subsequent to 16th June, 2000. The King(2) that as a matter of prudence a conviction should not ordinarily be based on the uncorroborated evidence of a child witness.

The only clarifica- tion necessary for purposes of this country is where this class of offence is sometimes tried by a judge without the aid of a jury. The only rule of law is that this rule of prudence must be present to the mind of the judge or the jury as the case may be and be understood and appreciated by him or them. Thus there is no case of ante-dating the FIR, even the trial court did not accept the submission that FIR was ante-dated.

Emperor(1) is typical of that point of view. The words “in such capacity” in 8. As per clause (4) of Article 243ZD, the Chairman of other DPC shall forward the development plan as recommended by the Committee to the Government of the State. The tender years of the child, coupled with other circumstances appearing in the case, such, for example, as its demeanour, unlikelihood of tutoring and so forth, may render corrobora- tion unnecessary but that is a question of fact in every case.

If after the proper caution by the judge the jury nevertheless convict the prisoner, this Court will not quash the conviction merely upon the ground that the accom- plice’s testimony was uncorroborated. There is a class of cases which considers that though corroboration should ordinarily be required in the case of a grown-up woman it is unnecessary in the case of a child of tender years. 386 jury of it and in a non-jury case he must show that it is present to his mind by indicating that in his judgment.

The observation of learned Sessions Judge that the evidence suffers from the improbability and cannot be relied is also not based on any valid reason. On the other hand, the Privy Council has said in Mohamed Sugal Esa v. But he should also point out that corroboration can be dispensed with if, in the particular circumstances of the case before him, either the jury, or, when there is no jury, he himself, is satisfied that it is safe to do so. In these cases it is necessary that the judge should give some indication in his judgment that he has had this rule of caution in mind and should proceed to give reasons for considering it unnecessary to require corroboration on the facts of the particular case before him and show why he considers it safe to convict without corrob- oration in that particular case.

I would add however that it is desirable that judges and magistrates should always record their opinion that the child understands the duty of speaking the truth and state why they think that, otherwise the credibility of the wit- ness may be seriously affected, so much so, that in some cases it may be necessary to reject the evidence altogether. Shri Sunil Giri has proved the FIR, he further proved that he received the FIR on 16th June, 2000, he proved his signature on the FIR also.

The rule, which according to the cases has hardened into one of law, is not that corroboration is essential before there can be a con- viction but that the necessity of corroboration, as a matter of prudence, except where the circumstances make it safe to dispense with it, must be present to the mind of the judge, and in jury cases, must find place in the charge, before a conviction without corroboration can be sustained. In a jury case he must tell the (1) A. PW 2 stated that he tried to catch one person of the aforesaid and omission not to name the person does not lead to any contradiction nor can result in discarding the evidence.

DPC, by taking into account the factors mentioned in clauses (3)(a)(i) and (ii)of Article 243ZD. Emphasising the importance of the role of the District Planning Committee, this Court held that it is not open to a development authority to unilaterally prepare a development scheme resulting in a re-constitution of land without taking into consideration the opinion and suggestions of a democratically elected body such as the District Planning Committee.

In my opinion, the true rule is that in every case of this type the rule about the advisability of corroboration should be present to the mind of the judge. After the insertion of Part IXA in the Constitution, development plan for a district can only be drawn by the democratically elected representative body i.