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There have been many close battles in the struggle for dominance, but the HTC Sensation versus the Samsung Galaxy S2 may be among the closest, hard fought battles between two powerful smartphones. From a high level view, the Sensation and Galaxy S2 look extremely similar, both packing powerful dual core 1.2 GHz processors, both capable of 1080p HD video recording on their 8 megapixel cameras, both have beautiful 4.3 inch displays and both run Android 2.3. With the specifications laid out, it seems the Sensation and Galaxy S2 are pretty much neck and neck.

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Green computing is today both a fad and also makes sound business sense, and more and more businesses queue up to embrace the latest this concept has to offer. The successful implementation of green computing, however, poses many challenges. It requires the investment to reap benefits from reduced energy charges and other costs to make the initiative economically viable..

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