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Here an article about it and link to the public report. Look how well the economies in Western countries are adjusting to the current migration for clues. But at the same time third world and developing countries with their rising middle classes are about to take their slice of pie of the global economy that is already bringing us to the brink of global overshoot.

Football is developing there naturally, pretty much.Paris is the city that produces BY FAR the most stars/ is the city where by far the most stars come from.During this year world cup, out of all French players (50) 16 (!!) were from Paris. 8 of them played for France. Those 8 kids from Paris include the likes of Mbapp, Kant, Pogba, Matuidi, Kimpembe etc.In addition to that you don need the nationality of a country you play for.

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This week we begin by taking a call for a favorite segment, “Puttin on Blast”, and get a good critique of Jim Bob Cooter and his ability. It sparks a great conversation about what we could gain/lose from making a move at offensive coordinator at this point in the season. Chris is finally convinced that he ready to move on from Jim Bob at this point and talks about how we might even get better while also assessing a potential candidate to replace Cooter..

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