Detailed Notes on Lawyer in Chandigarh

The appellants preferred appeals to the High Court at Hyderabad and there was the usual reference for confirmation of the death sentences imposed on them. What the law requires is that there should be such corroboration of the material part of the story connecting the accused with the crime as will satisfy reasonable minds that the man can be regarded as a truthful witness. On the other band, Dr. The State filed an appeal against the acquittal to the Judicial Commissioner of Ajmer’ The learned Judicial Commissioner accepted the appeal and remanded the case for retrial before a Special Judge because, by reason of certain amendments in the law, only a Special Judge could try an offence under section 5(2) of the Prevention of Corruption Act at the date of the remand.

But be was also prepared to decide the case on the footing that it was a question of fact and observed at pp. The definitions of these terms are as under: Thus, it is clear that when a private body exercises its public functions even if it is not a State, the aggrieved person has a remedy not only under the ordinary law but also under the Constitution, by way of a writ petition under Article 226. The appellants were convicted of the offence but the other two were acquitted by the Sessions Judge, Warangal, Hyderabad State, on the astounding ground that no overt acts were proved against them.

It was alleged that the pre- vious sanction of the Governor of Assam had not been obtained before the Bill, which eventually became the impugned Act, was introduced in the Legislative Assembly. Indeed, there can be no doubt that the evidence of a man like P. Sub-section (3) of that section provided that no Bill making provision for the transference to public ownership of any land should be introduced in either Chamber of Federal Legislature without the previous sanction of the Governor-General in his discretion or in a, Chamber of Provincial Legislature without the previous sanction of the Governor in his discretion.

Mir Siadat Ali Khan came to the conclusion that the prosecution had established its case beyond reasonable doubt. Mir Siadat Ali Khan J. and 249 they disagreed with each other. We granted special leave to the appellants to come before this court. Baskerville(1) it was pointed by Lord Reading C. and be agreed with the finding of guilty given by his learned bro- ther Dr. He confirmed the convictions but reduced the sentences to imprisonment for life.

‘The impugned Act undoubtedly provides for the compulsory acquisition of land and Advocates, address, had, therefore, to comply with the requirements of section 299 of the Government of India Act, 1935, which was in force at the date of the introduction of the Bill in the Legislative Assembly of the province of Assam. 14 should be scanned with much caution and we must be fully satisfied that he is a witness of truth, especially when no other person 252 was present at the time to see the murder.

held that the evidence did not establish the guilt of the appellants and be acquitted them. Though he was not an accomplice, we would still want Advocates (address) corroboration on material particulars in this particular case, as he is the only witness to the crime and as it would be unsafe to hang four people on his sole testimony unless we feel convinced that he is speaking the truth. The appeals were heard by a Bench consisting of Deshpande J. 2(c) and (g) of the 1948 Act did not apply to the relationship between the parties.

The Committee stressed the need for setting up of a National Waqf Development Corporation and State Waqf Development Corporations so as to facilitate proper utilization of valuable waqf properties for the objectives intended. The Prime Ministers High Level Committee for Preparation of Report on Social, Economic and Educational Status of the Muslim Community of India (also known as Sachar Committee) in its Report submitted to the Prime Minister on the 17th November, 2006 Advocates (address) considered the aforementioned issue and suggested certain amendments to the Act relating to womens representation, review of the composition of the Central Wakf Council and the State Wakf Boards, a stringent and more effective approach to countering Advocates (address) encroachments of Waqf properties and other matters.

Owing to this difference of opinion, the matter was referred to a third Judge, Manohar Pershad J. Such corroboration need not, however, be on the question of the actual commission of the offence;, if this was the requirement, then we would have independent testimony on which to act and there would be no need to rely on the evidence of one whose position may, in this particular case, be said to be somewhat analogous to that of an accomplice, though not exactly the same. In the leading case of Rex v.

It is next contended that the definition of landlord and tenant given in s. In the view of Viscount Simonds, therefore, the question was one of mixed law and fact. He Advocates (useful reference) appealed to the Sessions Judge at Ajmer and was acquitted. The reason under beading above may be disposed of in a few words.