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They won’t turn anything up and will further waste millions of taxpayer dollars. This is the USA you aren’t guilty because you’re being investigated. Are you even from the USA? Also what?? Submissive not something I’ve ever been called. I think it a bit silly to put so much emphasis on perceived potential rather than on results. I feel like people have just somewhat arbitrarily decided to appoint FAA as the youngster to go crazy over, but I can see how you could make a case for him over Shapov, Tsitsipas and Sascha. He a couple of years younger, but he has achieved so much less.

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But occasionally someone gets close, and dies early enough that they don have time to accidentally negate all the points they got from one big good deed. And just like the Good and Bad places, there are multiple Medium places. We have heard about green cards, that get you into the good place through one action.

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