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Nylander is a better defensive player than he gets credit for. Good puck recoveries and is a way better player in transition. Matthews is a bit overrated defensively tbh because he doesn have a great feel for breakouts and anticipating the play. Physical therapy was delayed because the staph came back so late so I couldn walk without a cane for a year and a half.Now I feel fantastic. I work overnight so I on my feet all night with no one bugging me but podcasts. Used to have dull pain in the scar tissue every day but only when we get a cold snap now.

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Things like basic programs that I installed (Program Files) and my desktop are no secret. Those don’t need encryption and I don’t mind if people who use my computer have access to basic things like that. What’s important to me is that I have the ability to make certain files private without a hassle.Digital Secure Disk does exactly that.

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The made in US (when they were) used to be a big selling feature for them. They got too big for their britches when they ventured off into motocross, etc. I remember their dirt bike was astronomically expensive, just like their bikes when compared to a Trek or Specialized.

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Putin opponents back in Russia “commit suicide” by jumping off buildings after multiple head shots, shrugs all around. Putin opponents in London get whacked using exotic toxins and that news. If the Saudis had lured him back to KSA or just arranged for a quiet “mugging gone wrong”, it would never have been an international incident.

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