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In a perfect world there be separate UIs for different input methods.EternalDahaka 1 point submitted 8 hours agoI never said the thumbstick was as accurate as a mouse and said the opposite at the end of the accuracy bit. Just that it was accurate enough to play games without specific alterations if set up well. You don need Cooler or Rapha aim to play Quake with a controller.

cheap oakleys 2 points submitted 1 month agoThe real problem with offering demo gear, and it something I considered for years, is the cost involved. Sticks are a nightmare because there are so many sku involved. People won be happy to just demo any stick. Do not use “BREAKING” or ALL CAPS in titles. The topic of your submission is currently being discussed at length in our megathread. Given the large scale nature of this news, we are temporarily removing all submissions concerning this topic so that the community has one easy to find place for discussion and news updates.cheap oakleys

H doubled with Moss on second). Then Helmer tightened and worked a double play pitch to cheap oakley sunglasses retire the side. Probably why it so effective. I remain faithful and diligent to continue my personal cheap oakleys battle with it. I very grateful for this sub. Even if we knew his real name, fake oakley sunglasses it wouldn help you to recognize him. Around here, the straggly haired poet, sidewalk chalk artist and heavy metal enthusiast and musician is known as just Chuck. His Tourette syndrome makes it difficult for Chuck to work a regular job, but he such a beloved part of Midtown that the Sacramento Comedy Spot held a fundraiser for him earlier this month, featuring Chuck himself and his strange brand of metal comedy.

cheap oakley sunglasses I believe this is what accelerated my weight loss and pushed me over plateaus. Because I never told my body to store the fat by increasing my insulin I was able to become keto adapted fast and push that fuel system hard. My body thanked me for it.Atkins himself suggested fat fasts that consisted of consuming nothing but fat (coconut oil, unsalted butter, heavy whipping cream) so I used the bulletproof coffee extensively and have had tremendous results.cheap oakley sunglasses

cheap oakley sunglasses Second, plastic bags are reusable eg to wrap rubbish, for school kit, packed lunches etc. Third, if we have to buy reusable bags, they are made of heavier weight plastic, sometimes five times or more plastic is used and that can be more harmful and take longer to degrade. Fourth, if plastic bags were not free, I would just have to buy rolls of plastic rubbish bin bags to do the same job so the plastic would still be out there.cheap oakley sunglasses

replica oakleys The new school was awesome, you signed a mock contract stating you take your education seriously and will MAKE time to be there, and then you make your own hours. The school was open from 6am to 9pm and had three teachers and everything was done online. There was maybe 60 students in total, and only ever maybe 4 10 in a classroom and the teachers made pancakes and bacon and eggs everyday and had sandwhiches and granola bars and stuff out for lunches.replica oakleys

cheap oakley sunglasses Quite possibly. If my memory is serving me correctly Rep. Dickey said in a 2015 NPR interview that while he believed the reasons behind the amendment were valid if he could go back and do it again he would have handled the situation differently. I pulled up in a small town somewhere in Wyoming, and set up camp. I had found a small trader store and bought enough supplies to camp out for a couple days with no problems (aside from the lack of a real toilet). I loved indulging in long walks in and around the fields.cheap oakley sunglasses

People like to think of political consultants as a slippery lot who whisper brilliant strategies in a candidate’s ear, leading the way to a magical election. The realities are far more mundane and rigorous, especially in a campaign run by Reed. She has a corporate approach, which is appropriate considering her business minded constituency..

cheap oakley sunglasses Note that Oscar’s first words to the doctor were an explanation and an excuse, not: “Help her” or “call an ambulance.” In other words he was already telling a story, trying to get himself off the hook, even while she was still alive. What did he say “I shot her. I mistook her for a burglar.”This statement may also have shaped and informed the witnesses impression that Oscar’s ‘remorse’ was genuine cheap oakley sunglasses.