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It is in the backdrop of the above response to the question posed earlier what is Hinduism? It is not necessary for us to go into the question as to whether such constructions had to be raised as the said respondent, by the time the interim order came to be passed, was committed to undertake Advocates (try this website) such constructions and had no choice in the matter. P-40 he sent report to superior officer. Any amount deposited by the respondents in the High Court shall be withdrawn by them.

8 obtained reports from P. Unless such practices are found to constitute an essential and integral part of a religion their Advocates (have a peek at this site) claim for the protection under Article 26 may have to be carefully scrutinised; in other words, the protection Advocates (have a peek at this site) must be confined to such religious practices as are an essential and an integral part of it and no other. It is decided that from the examination of the above said prosecution witnesses and on the basis of documents it is established beyond all reasonable doubts that the accused transported Heroin, narcotic substance without Governments permission and possessed the same for the purpose of selling.

Receiving the above said reports, P. the reopening of the school after summer vacation to the closing day for summer vacation, the appointment shall be made only on daily-wage basis. 28 in raising the constructions despite the interim order dated 13th September, 1994, a full-fledged academic campus consisting of several buildings, details of which are mentioned below, have come up on the land in question. All schools shall be closed for the summer vacation every year on the last working day on March and reopened on the first working day of June unless otherwise notified by the Director.

Rule 1 of Chapter VII says 1. 14726 of 1994 before the High Court of Karnataka challenging therein the preliminary notification dated 21st June, 1985 issued under Section 16(1) of the City of Mysore Improvement Act, 1903 (hereinafter referred to as ‘the 1903 Act) for proposing to acquire a total area of 94 acres 28 gunthas of land located in Vijayashreepura village, adjoining the ˜Vijayanagar Advocates (have a peek at this site) Extension, as mentioned in the Schedule thereto for improvement of Mysore city.

6 Saran under Section 8(c) r/w 21, 25, 28 and 29 of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act 1985. 28 is concerned, we have taken note of the fact that despite the interim order dated 13th September, 1994 passed in Writ Petition No. The appellant is the writ petitioner who had instituted Writ Petition No. What is sought to be emphasized is that all the above would show the wide expanse of beliefs, thoughts and forms of worship that Hinduism encompasses without any divergence or friction within itself or amongst its adherents.

Further he examined accused 1 and obtained Ex. although they were no doubt inserted to prevent officious interference by those who had no interest at all in the Register being correct , and to exclude a mere common informer, it is undoubtedly of public interest that they should not be unduly limited, inasmuch as it is a public mischief that there should remain upon the Register a Mark which ought not to be there, and by which many persons may be affected, who, nevertheless, would not be willing to enter upon the risk and expense of litigation.

4,30,000/- (Rupees Four Lakhs Thirty Thousand) which was paid by the respondents to the appellant together with interest @ 6% per annum from the date of such receipt within two months from today. P-36 statement from him. Consequently, we direct the appellant to refund a sum of Rs. What however cannot escape from notice is that notwithstanding the illegality in the allotment made and the risk undertaken by the respondent No. (3) Unless a different intention appears, the Rules contained in sections 20 to 24 Advocates (have a peek at this site) are Rules for ascertaining the intention of the parties as to the time at which the property in the goods is to pass to the buyer.

P-41 to 43 he obtained report for accused 5 and 6 (separate accused). So also if the period commences after the beginning of the reopening day, but extends either next academic year/years the period up to the first vacation shall be approved on daily wages only which does not take away the right of the managers of the aided schools to appoint teachers in vacancies that may arise by way of promotion, death, resignation, etc. P-35 summons to manager of the Hotel where the accused 1 and 2 stayed and obtained Ex.

that we have to proceed further in the matter. P-37 from the accused 1. Restriction is only with respect to the minimum tenure/period for a new appointee to become a Rule 51-A claimant, that is the object and purpose of sub-rule (3) of Rule 7-A read with the proviso to Rule 51-A of Chapter XIV-A of the KER. The Notification dated 10-6-2008 only says that if the period of appointment does not cover one academic year i. 1, 2 and 6 and as per Ex.

14726 of 1994 by the High Court of Karnataka, referred to above, the respondent No. Academic year shall be deemed to commence on the reopening day and terminate on the last day before the summer vacation. Insofar as the 55 acres of land allotted to the respondent No. 28 has raised constructions on the land.