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In order to make the process of installing your kitchen run as smoothly as possible, there are a a few steps you can follow before the installation begins.

The longer you take now the more favorable will be the end result. Kitchen Planning is so critical to achieving a very good installation.

Many tasks cannot be changed when your installer has started the job.

We find there are some basic challenges people come across that they did not comnsoder of at the start.

Get a realistic length of time of how long the job will take.

Get all parts of the process well tied down so there is no need for extras to be added during the process.

Enquire if you will be able to use your sink during the process. If not, could they offer you a temporary one.

Also ask what happens if the units do not fit the way they should.

Be certain your starting date is agreed beforehand.

Some customers are willing to start workmen and then go on vacation during the works, although this is not highly recommended.

if you do, try and have someone visit to check progress, in your absence.

One thing many do not realise is that your supplier might be subcontracting your installation to a 3rd party.

Naturally there comes the problem of who is reponsible for what. You could simply find yourself such a dispute.

This is not what you would like when you are payinglaying out so much cash.

So get it unambiguously agreed at the beginning who is responsible for what.

As well as this try to get a testimonial from others who have had an renovation.

Also be sure to read at the styart what services they are going to handle which covers gas and plumbing.

If not, you could easily have to pay the extras for extra tradesmen to complete the job.

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