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Calf rennet is extracted from the inner mucosa of the fourth stomach chamber (the abomasum) of young, unweaned calves as part of livestock butchering. These stomachs are a byproduct of veal production.[1] If rennet is extracted from older calves (grass fed or grain fed), the rennet contains less or no chymosin, but a high level of pepsin and can only be used for special types of milk and cheeses. As each ruminant produces a special kind of rennet to digest the milk of its own species, milk specific rennets are available, such as kid goat rennet for goat milk and lamb rennet for sheep milk..

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You can also develop a job shadowing program for students in your community to teach them about your company. While most benefits accrue to the students, the corporate recruiter who offers job shadowing to local schools gains a definite edge by discovering which students will make excellent additions to the employee roster. Many companies observe Ground Hog’s Day (February 2) for their job shadowing program efforts..

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The city government, through its City Secretary, Lorri Coody, posts the council agendas 72 hours in advance on the city website and on its official bulletin board in the city. As of May 2018, the Mayor is Justin Ray and the elected Council Members are Andrew Mitcham (Mayor Pro Tem), Greg Holden, Bobby Warren, James Singleton, and Gary Wubbenhorst. Each Council Member is also appointed as a liaison to various city boards and commissions.

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