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No one expects you to be completely original with every sentence, or to amaze your readers with your creative abilities, but you need to help your readers visualize what you’re saying and feel what you want them to feel. This is done through fresh language that says what you mean. Clich don’t say anything, because they’re often not even “heard” with the reading ear..

I remember year after year thinking that a big free agent would come to Toronto. The amount of times I told my brother “we’re gonna get Rick Nash one day” is too damn high. And so many others, and of course most recently, Steven Stamkos. Like one student would lag behind but then things would click and he would shoot past some other students, some students would peter out towards the end, it just varies. Progress varies across the board, by different sub topics. Ultimately this means that expecting students to learn one thing one month and one thing another month, means that they can necessarily spend the time they need to actually understand something that is required to understand another thing..

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