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My mom taught us to have a Survival Kit in our cars since moving to Minnesota in 1998. Candles, matches, thick blanket cheap nfl jerseys, boots, flashlight, water, energy snacks, etc. Still have a kit in my car even while in Florida. Well, the next time we had breakfast together he was smiling and it really seemed that he had perked up. He told me he had bought a new puppy and that something amazing was happening. The love he had for his old dog was still there, but a new spot had opened up in his heart with love for the puppy.

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Comparing personal cars to all of industry is apples to oranges.Uh, that pretty huge once you created categories as detailed as “household vehicles”. It what I would guess, and is probably what most others would think as well. Many people I talked to think airplanes and shipping account for waaay more than they actually do though.They claim that it easier to reduce CO2 emission elsewhere but that sounds like a bad excuse to avoid regulations on the car industry.

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A handful of review outlets giving it an 8 while giving games you didn like a 9 doesn make this game underrated nor does pointing that out make me a smug prick. I sorry that you want to feel like an underdog with your “le indie gem” but it a universally praised game that stayed in the top two sales spots in North America and Europe for weeks after release and is still in the public consciousness a year later where it receives a flood of praise every time it is mentioned pretty much anywhere. You wrong and an asshole to boot since your only retort was to call me a prick.