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Suits stayed on winding up order. ” One also finds the following in Stroud’s Judicial Dictionary, 3rd edition ” This appears to be its modern meaning, and is also one of the meanings given to the word “sign”, namely “to attest or confirm by adding one’s signature; to affix one’s name to (a document) late. nThe Judicial Commissioner’s Court at Nagpur in Ramadhin Brahmin v. nThe Act of 1922 applied to the whole of Bihar and Orissa and one of its essential features is that no municipality competent to tax shall be thrust upon a locality without giving its inhabitants a chance of being heard and of being give n an opportunity to object.

lawyers in chandigarh” Sub-section (15) of section 2 defines ” total income” as total amount of income, profits and gains, referred to in sub-section (1) of section 4 computed in Advocate Chandigarh the manner laid down in this Act, Section 3 authorises income-tax to be charged upon a person in respect of the total income of the previous year. Sections 4, 5 and 6 Chandigarh Lawyers afford a statutory guarantee to that effect. G at once entered into correspondence with the solicitors of the Baroda Theatres Ltd.

Learned counsel for the respondent, per contra, would support the judgment passed by the High Court Chandigarh Advocate on the foundation that this High Court has ascribed adequate reasons to come to the conclusion and, in any case, the punishment of dismissal in the facts and circumstances is too harsh and shocks the conscience. A winging up petition was drawn up and declared but was not filed because the matter was compromised at that stage.

6,400 in full satisfaction of his claim. Section 6 mentions the various heads of income, profits and gains, chargeable. to income,-tax 880 including in that category clause (v) ‘income from other sources. “To sign one’s name to; to signify assent or adhesion to by signing one’s name; to attest by signing. The Baroda Theatres undertook to pay Mr. 200 was thereupon paid towards expenses and Mr. ‘ It is common ground that dividend falls under this category Sub-section (3) of the same section – enacts certain exemptions upon the chargeability of -the income and clause (iii) includes agricultural income in the category of exemptions.

Here also a distinction appears to have been made between the physical fact of identification sought to be proved by the evidence of the police officers and the statements made by the identifier to the police Emperor (1) expressed a similar Opinion that evidence of police officers who give evidence with regard to the identification parades which were held and who depose to certain of the accused having been identified by prosecution witnesses in an identification parade was not inadmissible under section 162 as their evidence does not relate to any statement made to the police but is a simple exposition of a fact or circumstances witnessed by themselves.

They, however, agreed in deciding the point against the appellant on the ground that it had not been expressly raised in the petition. presumption is rebuttable and it is open to the actual reversioner to establish that there was in fact no legal necessity and there has been no proper and bonafide enquiry by the mortgagee. 1996 wherein the accused is stated to have confessed murder cannot be said to be a valid confession as has rightly been held by the learned Sessions Judge.

In our opinion, this is a matter of policy, a policy imposed by the Legislature and embodied in sections 4, 5 and 6 of the Act Therefore, the Local Government is under a statutory duty imposed by the Act in mandatory terms to listen to the objections and take them into consideration before reaching a decision. It was argued for the appellant that as it was admitted at the trial that Sital Singh was appointed polling agent, the point was open to him as it was a (1) [1954] INSC 14; A.

The present is a case where no eye witness is produced. The majority of the Tribunal was of the opinion that the appointment of a Government servant as polling agent was not by itself objectionable, but the third member thought otherwise. There is no doubt that both the Courts below have proceeded on a correct view of law and both have come to the conclusion upon a consideration of the evidence in the case that the presumption that arose by reason of the then reversioner’s giving consent to the transaction was rebutted by the facts transpiring in evidence The statements made before police by the accused in the morning of 9.

Then there is the question whether the appointment of Sital Singh as polling agent contravened section 123(8). ” (1) When a winding up order has been made or the Official Liquidator has been appointed as provisional liquidator, no suit or other legal proceeding shall be commenced, or if pending at the date of the winding up order, shall be proceeded with, against the company, except by leave of the (Tribunal) and subject to such terms as the (Tribunal) may impose.

Section 4 lays down that the total income of any previous year of any person to be charged must include all Advocate in Chandigarh income, profits and gains, from whatever source derived and defines the scope of its application for purposes of tax.