The episode intercuts between the current Doctor having

Sometimes we did Ajax, which put the hurt on me, and that 3,300 vertical. But also, I do happy hour at the J Bar too often. A hundred ounces of water, six Powerbars, two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a Red Bull (just in case I had to cheat).

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I got my first iridescent in chase today with Mrs. Piggy. And I only got it cause once I got down to the last two survivors, I down one run to the other side of the map, let them pick her up. Florida had an unsustainably good season and were the biggest target of that season for the inevitable next season collapse (Avs, Leafs, Flames, Sens, you know the drill by now). Dale Tallon was kicked upstairs and Tom Rowe was promoted to GM. The optics of punting your GM after the best season in franchise history was seen as boggling.

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