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One of Klayman’s two clients mixed up in the Mueller investigation is conspiracy theorist and far right commentator Jerome Corsi. Client number two is far right political activist Laura Loomer cheap jerseys, who chained herself to the front door of Twitter’s New York City offices this week to protest her ban from the messaging platform. Client number three appears to be Schaeffer Cox, an Alaska militia leader serving a 310 month prison sentence for his part in a 2012 conspiracy to murder federal officials.

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If he had been such an asshole during his term, pissing off everyone to whip his base into a frenzy, constantly spewing provable lies, etc etc etc, he wouldn have drawn the attention and backlash that got the blue wave and all these investigations going. There would have been some, but not like this. He continually draws attention to himself and pisses everyone off.

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Phil Spencer walks out on stage. Tells us about his time with some of Microsoft greatest games and games in general. Rolls through a bunch of iconic name drops before stating “let me give you a sneak peek at something before the award”. If you never created a business plan before, the thought of doing so can be a little daunting. Even business owners who are used to drawing up these documents will put the process off to the last minute and only put minimal effort into their creation. In fact, it not uncommon for people to view a business plan as something that is only used to attract potential investors and not realize how valuable a tool it can be to help manage a company or organization..

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