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I thought Any Cut was one of the best apps I seen so far. I found the Direct Text Message and Direct Call shortcuts very handy, because I usually have to dig through my contacts ten or twenty times a day, looking for the same person. With the shortcuts on my home screen, I saved a lot of time..

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Stafford is really goddamn good in a no huddle high tempo offense, and we ran it a fair bit last year for a fair amount of success, this year has been really bad though. It usually just run/run/pass, by the time of the pass it 3 17, so not optimal. If I wanted to watch slow dick grinding football, I just go watch Michigan.Not a lot of good receiving targets currently.

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An avid astronomer himself, Adams spent significant time at the observatory watching and charting the stars. Navy officer, James Melville Gilliss was put in charge of the observatory. At the time it was built in Foggy Bottom near the Lincoln Memorial, and it was one of few observatories in an urban area.

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It also presents the question of philosophy, should you plan car based photography driving from one point to another (no small task itself) or do you want to hike one of the many spectacular trails in order to enjoy the more intimate experience and more thoroughly explore the canyon itself. Keep in mind, canyon trails can range from easy hiking to experts only. Canyon hiking is deceptively difficult as the inexperienced hiker finds the first half of the hike easy going (cooler temperatures, great scenery and gravity is your friend) and it isn’t until the hike back up that they discover the trap a canyon has set for them (hotter part of the day, staring at the tops of your hiking boots every step and gravity is now a mortal enemy).