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Brain drain is an interesting idea because my country employs a lot of migrants for skilled jobs, particularly health sector. Is it better for these people to leave their countries and get highly paid jobs or for them to stay in their home countries where their skills won be utilised? Considering the portion of workers who send portions of their salaries home to relatives. This is actually important to the economies of some countries..

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You just can compete with that unless you New York City or London, and obviously of the three, LA was the better choice for them.It also really hurt St Louis that they signed such a terrible deal in order to attract a team to the city (they had built the dome in hopes of being awarded an expansion team, but the NFL went to Jacksonville instead) when they were desperate, because they had no way of living up to their end of the deal. Really wish the Raiders and Rams were the ones in LA and not the Chargers (Fuck Dean Spanos now and Forever), though it is pretty cool that Felipe Rios is gonna get to compete in the playoffs at least one more time before he hangs it up. That said I glad the fans in STL are getting paid what they due.EDIT: It seems people think my last sentence meant I think STL fans deserved to lose the Rams which was not what I meant.

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People with production assistant jobs really just assist other crew departments on the set, helping run things in different directions, complete different errands and chores, and generally act as the go to person for tasks that need to get done. This can be everything from taking out the garbage to fetching cast members to acting as extras. A production assistant will typically help the different departments get set up and be ready to do different tasks, and this is really only defined by the production you are on.

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