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Even as I research MFA programs, contemplate what I will use as a writing sample, and determine who I will ask for recommendation letters, I will say it: You absolutely do not need an MFA degree to write. The only thing you need to do to write is get out there, read a lot of books, and write. Although, that not entirely true, you also have to have a working knowledge of the English language and continuously work on perfecting your craft.

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It so easy for them to add maps, it almost no work for them, you have so many talented mappers at your disposal, and the community yearns for actual new (competitive, well thought out) maps. We been playing the same bunch of maps for 6 or so years yes the updated ones were worth the weight, but actual new layouts or maps that just weren ever in CSGO MM would be well appreciated. That such a no brainer to me, as the game is rather fine as it is right now.

Due to the UK government’s latest allocation of offshore areas in January 2010, the power from these large capacity windfarms will be exported via sub sea cabling to HVDC Converter Stations. These will be positioned above the water line, supported by subsea structures. From here the HVDC cables will run subsea again to the onshore landfall..

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